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The Union Internationale des Architects (UIA)

The Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) is a non-governmental global network of architectural associations that aims to unite the architects of the world without any form of discrimination. Since 1948, the UIA has grown to encompass the key professional organisations of architects in 124 countries and territories and now represents, through these organisations, close to 1,300,000 architects worldwide.

The first UIA congress was held in Lausanne in 1948 and since then, only one city in the global south has hosted a UIA congress (Buenos Aires, 1967). While two North African cities have hosted the congress (Rabat, 1951; Cairo, 1985), Southern Africa will be in the spotlight when the congress comes to Durban.

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The South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)

SAIA has served the architectural profession in South Africa since 1927.

After the democratic elections of 1994 the Institute was invited to join the AUA, and the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), and was welcomed back into the UIA at their 1999 general assembly in Beijing.

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