Tours in and around Durban

General Tours

A variety of half-day, full-day and overland tours are available through our event organisers, Turner's. Choose from a quick spin around Durban to see the most interesting sites, a day trip out to the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, or a multi-day safari to spot the Big 5. For more information or to book tours, please contact Deveena Naiker at Turner's.

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Otherwhere Tours

Otherwhere Tours form part of the comprehensive Fringe programme which aim to further conversations around built environment issues and what makes Durban an “otherwhere” city.

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Hello and welcome to Durban, with all year round sunshine, friendly people and rich cultural heritage. You can explore in and around the city on one or more of the tours we have on offer. These include Markets of Warwick, Safari Tours, CityWalk and Cultural Tours. Also on offer are tours in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Lesotho.