Two main exhibition areas will be activated during 'architecture OTHERWHERE' UIA2014 Durban. The International Convention Centre (ICC) is the official Congress venue and exhibitions in this space, will be accessible to registered delegates only. Exhibition stands here will host presentations of the Member Sections and Programme Partners and will showcase the UIA Work Programmes. Laid out like a piece of urban fabric, the space will be dynamic and interactive with forums, debates and activities taking place on an ongoing basis throughout the period of the Congress.

Open to the general public, as well as delegates, the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC), has been designed to create an exploratory though-provoking space with exhibits and stands that are interactive and interesting to a wide range of visitors. The Walnut Road Urban Park is the creative corridor between the ICC and the DEC and will lead visitors to a space activated by a networking lounge, a temporary musallah (prayer facility), craft trade and landscape. The Trade Expo will host a book lounge, an art exhibition, various architectural exhibitions, as well as all catering offering.

Exhibitions in the ICC& DEC

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Otherwhere Exhibitions

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 UIA ICC Exhibition Opening and Closing times:

Monday 4th August 08h30 – 17h00
Tuesday 5th August 08h30 – 17h00
Wednesday 6th August 08h30 – 17h00
Thursday 7th August 08h30 – 11h00

DEC Trade Exhibition and Walnut Road Opening and Closing times:

Sunday 3rd August (Welcome Reception) 17h30 -
Monday 4th August 08h30 – 19h00
Tuesday 5th August 08h30 – 19h00
Wednesday 6th August 08h30 – 19h00
Thursday 7th August

08h30 – 11h30