Toyo Ito

Kumamoto Artpolis, Japan

Born in 1941. Toyo Ito graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture in 1965. His main works include Sendai Mediatheque, Tama Art University Library (Hachioji campus), and National Taiwan University New College of Social Sciences (Taiwan R.O.C), etc. He was awarded Architectural Institute of Japan Prize, Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, Royal Gold Medal from The Royal Institute of British Architects, and recently the Pritzker Architecture Prize, etc. After 3.11, Ito energetically engages with reconstruction activities in the North East of Japan. He has promoted “Home-for-All” , which is a place for local residents to gather and communicate with one another, allowing them to obtain peace of mind. As of January 2014, ten “Home-for-All” s have been completed whilst a few are under development. He has also established a private architectural school “Ito Juku” in 2011, which organizes various activities promoting new thinking upon the future of cities and architecture.

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