UIA2014 Durban Secretariat

The Durban Organising Committee

The Durban Organising Committee (DOC) comprises students and professionals with an interest in architecture and the built environment, all with a drive to see Durban host a game-changing UIA 2014 congress as well as showcase the architecture and built environment of the city, and the continent, to fellow professionals and an international audience.

The journey to Durban UIA 2014 started at the World Congress held in Istanbul in 2005 with the bid finally won in Turin in 2008. The committee has grown and adapted with the challenges of putting together such a significant event and the city is expected to host between 5,000 and 7,000 visitors.

The committee is chaired by Nina Saunders, past-president of the KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architects.

The DOC has defined its areas of work as:

  • Cultural and social events
  • Cultural and social events related to the congress
  • Cultural and social parallel events
  • Urban forum
  • Promotion
  • Documentation and publications
  • Education outreach

To ensure a stellar congress the DOC has partnered with local specialists and experts.

UIA 2014 Organisation Committee

With a committee of respected, experienced and driven architects and built environment professionals the UIA 2014 Organisation Committee has everything it needs to ensure that the event ushers the architectural profession on to the next stage of its evolution.

The committee is representative of the creativity and professionalism of the African architectural and built environment community. It is responsible for the planning, implementation and publicising of the congress as well as the co-ordination of all projects linked to the congress.

In addition to steering the direction of the congress and fundraising, a key element of the OC's role is the legacy projects which will continue to inspire and motivate the South African architectural profession and public long after the event has ended. These projects will seek to shape the city space and the lives of those who generate the vibrancy and colour for which Durban is famed.

Hassan Asmal 

President UIA2014 Organisation Committee


#UIA2014Durban “provides architects as well as members of the broader architectural profession wonderful opportunities to interact with colleagues from other parts of the world”.



Karen Eicker

Commissary General


#UIA2014Durban is “the significant catalyst to raise broad-scale awareness of the role architects can play in the creation of humane, sustainable and green cities of the future.”



Amira Osman

Head of Scientific Committee

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: amira.osman@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban is “an opportunity to change perceptions about the architectural profession and an opportunity to contribute to transformation in South African cities”.



Nina Saunders

Durban Organizing Committee, Spatial Projects, City Liaison

Shannon Moffett

Cultural Manager

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: shannon.moffett@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban “is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Durban to showcase their creative talents and that which makes the city a space that is unique in South Africa”.



Eric Noir

Exhibition Director

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: eric.noir@uia2014durban.org

Alene Naidoo


Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125

Russel Hlongwane

Project Co-ordinator

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: russel.hlongwane@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban “will showcase Durban as the re-imagined city!”




Nikita Andrews

 Assistant to the General Reporter

Contact Number: +27 (0) 826634697
Email: nikita.andrews@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban is “where you need to be in August 2014."




Paulette Murison

Project Management of Products & Systems Compliance

Contact Number: +27 (0)782010482
Email: paulette@liquidspec.co.za

Gill Slaughter

Turners Conferences – Professional Conference Organiser

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 368 8000
Email: gills@turnergroup.co.za

Zuleika Sheik

Communications Manager

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: Zuleika.Sheik@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban “is a think tank for all creative professionals. It also provides an exciting glimpse into the future of Durban - where people, cityscapes and culture fuse to create an interactive space for all”.



Thandi O'Hagan

Social Media

Email: social@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban is “a mind-expanding opportunity to completely re-imagine my urban spaces, how I use them, how I create them, how I connect in them”



Joanne Hayes

Media and PR Consultant

Contact Number: +27 (0) 83 627 7249
Email: tigerjo@iafrica.com


#UIA2014Durban “is the greatest opportunity ever for architects and built environment professionals to play an active part in the greatest event for their profession, on home soil”.



Nomfundo Nxumalo

Assistant to General Reporter

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 9404 125
Email: nomfundo.nxumalo@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban is “a stimulating creative engagement with the OTHERwhere”.




Melissa Poorter

Website Support

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 312 5998
Email: melissa@deepcurrent.co.za


#UIA2014Durban “is a congress which will host people from around the world to meet and showcase who we are as humans with the common thread of architecture and how it impacts on our daily routines and lives”.



Mark Pape

Website Support

Contact Number: +27 (0)31 312 5998
Email: mark@deepcurrent.co.za


#UIA2014Durban “is an opportunity to see the future of Durban. To see how it can grow, to see how it can thrive. This is an exciting event where we can build passion for our city and discover the new projects in planning”.



Gabriella Peppas

Project Coordinator: Spatial Legacy Projects (SLP)

Contact Number: +27 31 940 4125
Email: gabriella.peppas@uia2014durban.org


#UIA2014Durban is “the catalyst to take dreams of the otherwhere and to say why not".