The vision to host the UIA 2014 Durban World Congress was started ten years ago by a small group of volunteers, whose tireless dedication and enthusiasm for this project have culminated in systems and resources being put in place that will allow South Africa to host the first global congress on architecture in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Congress is now being made possible by the commitment, relentless energy and hard work of the UIA 2014 staff, management, consultants, suppliers and volunteers – all of whom we acknowledge with gratitude.

While it is impossible to put a value to the work that has been done on this Congress, we estimate that just the value of voluntary work will equate to over R10 million by the time the Congress finishes.

We are looking forward to making the South African profession proud by hosting an inspiring, exciting and successful World Congress on Architecture in August 2014.

Karen Eicker, Commissary General: UIA 2014 Durban