The UIA2014 Fringe Programme

UIA2014 Durban, through a call for projects, will present delegates and the general public with a fringe programme that will further conversations around built environment issues and what makes Durban an “otherwhere” city. The diverse fringe programme is designed to showcase local, national and international talent, as well as a range of ‘otherwhere’ and city venues, including the beachfront, galleries, the CBD and Warwick Junction. These projects include tours, murals, exhibitions, live activations and much more. View this page for regular updates on fringe projects currently in the pipeline.

A Comprehensive Guide to Everything 'otherwhere'

All UIA2014 delegates will be given a copy of the ‘otherwhere guide’ at registration. For a preview of what is on offer during your time in Durban, download a PDF copy of the ‘otherwhere guide’ here.

Otherwhere Guide PDFOtherwhere Map

Otherwhere Tours

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Public Art and Installations

Read about Public Art and Installations

Otherwhere Play and Social Activities

Read about the various Otherwhere Play and Social