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AmmaZulu African Palace

Wind your way through Durban’s western suburbs to the Palace where less is not better than more and the new is not necessarily better than the old. Situated on the edge of a gorge in Kloof, see cycads perched on the entrance towers and plants crawling over stonework beneath. Freestanding, decorated, twinned columns – two orange – two blue – two shiny pairs at the Bridge, define the curved plan to make your own procession along the colonnade with a lattice of steel that springs over you supporting the roof, sneaking-in daylight to shine on traditional spears, milk pales, wooden spoons and shiny crockery as crowns many meters tall. Where the splendour of this collection will, perhaps, make you lose your balance on the edge of a KwaZulu-Natal ravine and return to see it again. AmmaZulu can be visited as part of a UIA2014 leisure tour, or through arrangement.

Where: 20 Windsor Road, Kloof
Dates and times: Every day, 10am – 4 pm by appointment
Cost: R65.00 p/p Including tour, tea, coffee and snacks
Open to: By prior appointment – Min 10 people

SPOT MY DURBAN (30 Durban landmarks)

The Architect’s of Durban and KZN have recommended their architectural destinations to delegates with a selection of interesting buildings to visit or view. The list is a result of a “Spot My Durban” vote with participation by local Architects and Candidate Architects. The buildings will be indentified on a map and with banners for the duration of the UIA conference. Information for each building will be available at the exhibition centre and at Delegates are encouraged to experience Durban by walking or travelling to see the buildings.

The delegates will have 30 sites to choose from, some not-so-often visited or publicised destinations and some iconic destinations, each hopefully making their mark in their memory.

Visit the Durban Exhibition Centre for more information at this exhibition.

Cool Runnings /Hingham Nursery Pocket Park

Against the backdrop of a massive wall of street art, the Cool Runnings/Hingham Nursery ‘Pocket Park’ is a place where medicinal plants, other indigenous plants and food plants are grown and enjoyed. Colourful recycled outdoor furniture made from old baths, tyres, paint tins and oil drums is set up in the park during the day so that people from the semi-industrial area of Rivertown can meet, relax, socialise, enjoy their take-away lunch and enjoy a cool drink in the small, green street park during lunch hours or after hours before heading home. Passing visitors can also stop and rest or simply enjoy the small road-side garden either when walking or driving by.

Where: Intersection of Shepstone Road and Milne Street

The Archi-texture of Durban by Ashwin Desai

The Archi-texture of Durban by Ashwin Desai is an incredible guide to the back-alleys, beaches, burghers and bastards of Durban. Savour the evocative photographs and walk between the everyday of these pages into an old colonial city that as much as it vanishes is preserved, and as much as the new planners create, they destroy.

‘This book guides us vividly and without romanticism through the past and present of Cato Manor, my home, to the cultured lawns of the Durban country club and then into the changing nature of the old Casbah. This is a city that Ashwin Desai has in his blood and it shows’ – Faith kaManzi (writer and community activist).

There will be a bar and entertainment.

Date and time: 2 August, 16:00
Venue: Ikes books, 48a Florida Road, Morningside
Open to Public

Open House Durban

An artetexture showcase of 20 Durban structures through the photographic lens and the sketch block – to promote the idea of creative economy. Twenty buildings were selected in recognition of 20 years of democracy in South Africa. A competition will be launched to encourage UIA2014 delegates and the public to take photos or make sketches of the selected buildings. Imaginative representations of city skylines showcasing inventiveness in the viewing and recording of the 20 buildings are sought. Entries will be displayed in an Open House Durban Photo and Sketch Wall Exhibition at the Book and Design Boma. Winners will be announced at a prize ceremony during UIA2014 Congress. A SanKofa Book and Design Fair Durban experience.

Where:KwaMuhle Museum, 130 Bram Fischer Rd, Durban
20 open houses - exhibition to be at Green Heart Boma
Cost: Free to public and Delegates

Project Sandman Sandcastle Contest

The Project Sandman Sandcastle Contest is an offshoot of the extremely popular Durban Sandcastle Contest which has taken place in Durban for the past four-years. This branch of the competition sees Durban’s top sand sculptors battle it out for the top place in a day filled with seaside art and public workshops on this green art form by the pros themselves. It’s a great excuse to take in Durban’s stunning beaches and try your hand at this hands-on art form under the gentle Durban autumn sun. Beach, art, waves and sun. What more could you ask for?

Where: New Beach
Dates and times: 9 August 2014, 9:00am till 3pm

Archideas Workshop

Archideas is a platform to get your voice heard. By bringing together local citizens alongside local and international architects, ideas about the city, urban life and architecture will be on the table to exchange and share knowledge. It will be a place were people can meet, interact and discuss innovative architectural and urban ideas in a relaxed, friendly environment. The idea to record, exchange and share knowledge to the wider community is what underlies the basis of Archideas.

Where :8 Morrison Warehouse, on 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown.
Dates and times: 6th and 7th August, 18:00pm - 20:00pm

Coffee Tree Pocket Park

Our aim is to beautify a space in a section of a park opposite The Coffee Tree, in Glenwood. We will not only maintain the park but upgrade it into a comfortable public space for all to use. The Coffee Tree will be building a long communal table from recycled materials as well as some shade for the general public to utilise. As part of our commitment to beautification of public space, we will be building a circular flower bed into the sloping grass bank to plant vegtables and herbs, arranged into interesting patterns. You are welcome to visit!

Where: Corner Cato and Alan Paton Road, Glenwood

Art Workshop

This workshop is envisaged as a conversation about the places where we live work and socialise, how they are and what they might become. We will explore the reality of the built environment; our homes; schools; shops; parks; all the places we inhabit; what we like and dislike. We will then investigate how they can be bigger, brighter, sound better, work better and make us feel better! No idea will be too outrageous! We will use images, pictures, drawings, words, stories and poems to put together a series of collages expressing our hopes and dreams for the future. The exercise will be low key and informal, but the content will touch on what people really want from the places where they live and work. Bring along anything you might like to add to this fusion of ideas. All are welcome! Curators: Fionnuala Rogerson and Tracey Gevers. UIA-WP Architecture for All.

Where: Beer Hall Courtyard
Date & times: Tuesday 5th August, 11am

Remix Dance Company “Is Anybody Out There?”

Remix Dance Company is a unique dance company with a deep commitment to dance and dance education for performers with and without disabilities. Remix was founded almost fourteen years ago by Nicola Visser and Malcolm Black (a wheelchair performer, choreographer and current artistic director), with the purpose of creating a platform to bring together dance artists from diverse backgrounds and different physical abilities. Remix has built up a reputation as a groundbreaking and inspirational force in both dance and education. In 2002, Remix won the Arts and Culture Trust Award for Cultural Development Project of the Year. In 2006 it was awarded the Western Cape Cultural Committee Award for its Outstanding Contribution to Disability and the Arts. In Rivertown, Remix is partnering with the UIA Architecture for All Work Programme to deliver an exciting and inspiring performance ‘Is Anybody Out There’. Curators: Fionnuala Rogerson and Tracey Gevers.UIA-WP Architecture for All.

Where: John Milne Road and Beer Hall Courtyard
Dates and times: Tuesday 5th August, 11am
Photo credit: Tania Scott
Photo credit: Tania Scott

8 Morrison Warehouse

8 Morrison is a stunning 800 square meter warehouse, located at a 2 min walking distance from the ICC. This unique space is the venue for the ‘The Morning Trade’, a weekly market that focuses mainly on fresh, high quality artisanal foods, from farm fresh ingredients to delectable specialities, every Sunday from 8h00 to 14h00.

During the UIA2014 Congress, 8 Morrison will also host ‘Urban Durban’, an exhibition of local artists, street and surf culture, as well as the ‘Rivertown Sundown’ event that will bring pop-up food, bar stands and live music to the space.

Where: 8 Morrison Warehouse, on 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown.
Dates and times: 3rd August to 10th August, Sunday: 8 AM - 9 PM, Weekdays and Saturday: 3 PM - 9 PM
Photo credit: JoveJozi
Photo credit: JoveJozi

Green Heart City Book and Design Boma

A meeting place for writers; illustrators; publishers; literary agents; booksellers; designers; architects and social entrepreneurs to network and exchange ideas trending on the literary and design landscape. KwaMuhle Museum will serve as the Nerve Centre for Boma activations. Key elements include The Frameside Lounge; Open House Durban Photo and Sketch Exhibition; Word Garden with TreeNotes; and Caravan of Words where writers will craft stories on ‘Durban and Democracy’. The KidZone will feature life size scrabble, storytelling and character role-plays from African folktales. The Goldilocks Freedom Word Mobile – Kunene Wagon will be stationed at the Book and Design Boma. A SanKofa Book and Design Fair Durban experience.

Where: KwaMuhle Museum, 130 Bram Fischer Rd, Durban
Dates and times: Sat 2nd - Sat 9 August, Saturdays 9am - 12noon, Weekdays 10am - 3.30pm